MonardadidymaAdamPure Red120cm




MonardadidymaBeauty of CobhamPale Pink/Burgundy calyx90 - 120cm


MonardaPunctataBlue BeebalmYellow with puple spots90 cm


MonardadidymaBlue StockingViolet Blue60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaCambridge ScarletScarlet90 - 100cm


MonardadidymaCoral ReefLight and dark Pink60cm


MonardadidymaCranberry LaceRich Magenta60cm


MonardadidymaCroftway PinkPink60cm


MonardadidymaDidymaPink and Red100 - 150cm              


MonardadidymaEarl GreyDeep Red/Crimson Bracts60 -75cm


MonardadidymaElsies LavenderRich Lavender60 cm


MonardapunctataFantasyPink with Yellow centre100 - 120cm


MonardadidymaFireballBright Carmine90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaGardenview ScarletBright Red120 - 140cm


MonardadidymaGeminiDusky Red Flowers90cm


MonardadidymaGewitterwolkeDark Red/Purple90cm


MonardadidymaHartswood WineRich Purple60cm


MonardadidymaJacob ClineFiery Red60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaKardinalPlum Red90cm




MonardadidymaLoddon CrownReddish Purple/Brown calyx120 - 150cm


MonardadidymaMahoganyRed with Pink90cm


MonardadidymaMarshalls DelightDeep Pink80 -100cm


MonardadidymaMelissaRose Pink/Purple calyx90 - 110 cm


MonardadidymaMohawkViolet with Lavender centre90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaPanoramaBright Red60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaPink LacePink tinged with Purple40cm


MonardadidymaPink SupremeCerise Pink75 - 90cm


MonardadidymaPink TourmalineRaspberry Pink90cm


MonardadidymaPiscesPink edged with dark Pink60cm


MonardadidymaPrarie NightLilac/Purple120cm


MonardadidymaRuby GlowDark Pink80cm


MonardadidymaSagittauriusDeep Carmine Red60cm


MonardaPunctataSaxon PurplePlum Purple


MonardadidymaSchneewitchenPure White90cm


MonardadidymaScorpionPurple/Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaSiouxWhite with Pink edges60cm


MonardadidymaSnow QueenWhite80cm


MonardadidymaSquawBright Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaSugar LaceLight and dark Pink60 cm


MonardadidymaVintage WineWine Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaViolet QueenDeep Purple90cm



 Glyn Bach Gardens  (Gerddi Glyn Bach)



Logo Woman's hand touching wheat in field Girl on the beach drawing a heart in the sand


design. create. inspire.


Glyn Bach Gardens is committed to providing a safe habitat for all Wildlife but especially for the 4 B's: Bats Bees, Birds and Butterflies.

Glyn Bach Gardens are open to the public, in aid of Plant Heritage, for our National Collection of Monardas.

Situated in beautiful Pembrokeshire, Glyn Bach lies below the Preselli hills, alongside the Eastern Cleddau river, at an altitude of approx 420 feet.

The gardens are being developed to benefit wildlife and the wider environment. They include:- perenial borders, alpine beds, boggy areas, woodland garden, monarda collection, veg beds, fruit cage, polytunnels, greenhouse, wildlife pond, woodland walks, bee hives with experimental flower beds....and much more.

Mae'r gerddi yn cael eu datblygu er budd bywyd gwyllt a'r amgylchedd. Maent yn cynnwys:- ffiniau lluosflwydd, gwelyau alpaidd, ardaloedd corsiog, gardd goetir, casgliad o flodau Monarda, gwelyau llysiau, gardd ffrwythau, tŷ gwydr, pwll bywyd gwyllt, teithiau cerdded o amgylch y goedwig, cychod gwenyn, gardd flodau arbrofol.... a llawer mwy!



See our 'visit' page for information on openings or;


Please ring 01994 419104

  Ffonwich: 01994 419104



To see how the garden looks right now, go to the 'This week' page


Glyn Bach gardens  hold a National Collection of Monardas

Mae Gerddi Glyn Bach bellach yn dal Casgliad Cenedlaethol o Flodau Monardas




All photos are the property of Glyn Bach Gardens and are copyright protected.

AS FEATURED IN:   RHS 'THE GARDEN' 2016, 'GARDEN NEWS' 2018, 'THE ENGLISH  GARDEN' AUGUST 2020,  plus local publications.                                                  


The 2018 visit by carol Klein and her team from BBC Gardeners World.

The Monarda item was shown on 24th August 2018 and the BBC did a wonderful job.


Carol Klein was excellent, She was so enthusiastic and covered as much of the subject as she could within the time available. We were so pleased that it was her as she is our favourite gardening presenter and she has the knack of making even the most boring plants interesting.

She is lovely on screen but even lovelier in the flesh.


It was fantastic to have such an opportunity to showcase our Monarda collection, which requires such a lot of work to keep it in tip top condition.



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