MonardadidymaAdamPure Red120cm




MonardadidymaBeauty of CobhamPale Pink/Burgundy calyx90 - 120cm


MonardaPunctataBlue BeebalmYellow with puple spots90 cm


MonardadidymaBlue StockingViolet Blue60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaCambridge ScarletScarlet90 - 100cm


MonardadidymaCoral ReefLight and dark Pink60cm


MonardadidymaCranberry LaceRich Magenta60cm


MonardadidymaCroftway PinkPink60cm


MonardadidymaDidymaPink and Red100 - 150cm              


MonardadidymaEarl GreyDeep Red/Crimson Bracts60 -75cm


MonardadidymaElsies LavenderRich Lavender60 cm


MonardapunctataFantasyPink with Yellow centre100 - 120cm


MonardadidymaFireballBright Carmine90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaGardenview ScarletBright Red120 - 140cm


MonardadidymaGeminiDusky Red Flowers90cm


MonardadidymaGewitterwolkeDark Red/Purple90cm


MonardadidymaHartswood WineRich Purple60cm


MonardadidymaJacob ClineFiery Red60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaKardinalPlum Red90cm




MonardadidymaLoddon CrownReddish Purple/Brown calyx120 - 150cm


MonardadidymaMahoganyRed with Pink90cm


MonardadidymaMarshalls DelightDeep Pink80 -100cm


MonardadidymaMelissaRose Pink/Purple calyx90 - 110 cm


MonardadidymaMohawkViolet with Lavender centre90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaPanoramaBright Red60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaPink LacePink tinged with Purple40cm


MonardadidymaPink SupremeCerise Pink75 - 90cm


MonardadidymaPink TourmalineRaspberry Pink90cm


MonardadidymaPiscesPink edged with dark Pink60cm


MonardadidymaPrarie NightLilac/Purple120cm


MonardadidymaRuby GlowDark Pink80cm


MonardadidymaSagittauriusDeep Carmine Red60cm


MonardaPunctataSaxon PurplePlum Purple


MonardadidymaSchneewitchenPure White90cm


MonardadidymaScorpionPurple/Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaSiouxWhite with Pink edges60cm


MonardadidymaSnow QueenWhite80cm


MonardadidymaSquawBright Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaSugar LaceLight and dark Pink60 cm


MonardadidymaVintage WineWine Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaViolet QueenDeep Purple90cm



 Glyn Bach Gardens  (Gerddi Glyn Bach)



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Glyn Bach Gardens holds a National Collection of Monarda; these beautiful plants grow well in the warm, wet,  climate of West Wales.  They are used throughout the garden to provide colour, form and nectar for our diverse and plentiful population of long tongued bumble bees.


Didyma species are usually red in colour and grow best in damp conditions.


Fistulosa species are the largest grouping and are white, pink and purple predominately; these grow in drier conditions.  We grow them on in our hillside borders as the winter wet rolls down the slop; winter wet is not good for these Monarda.

List of Monarda  cultivars held:-



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Monarda have real impact in a perennial border or in prairie planting schemes.


They originate from the East coast of America and are really classed as a woodland edge plant so the flowers tend to last longer in semi shade;  in full sun the flowers fade more quickly, although still reasonably long lasting.


Mildew is a problem when Monarda are stressed; this is usually when they are too dry at the roots, as they are moisture lovers.  In West Wales, this is not an issue, but gardeners in the East of the country should be aware that Monarda will need watering, with rainwater preferably, in times of drought.



Piet Oudolf has been instrumental in developed more mildew resistant cultivars.  The horoscope range are reasonable, with Pisces being a Glyn Bach favourite. All cultivars containing the suffix Lace  are beautiful and worth growing:-  Pink Lace, Sugar Lace, Cranberry Lace and Purple Lace.  



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We currently have 104 cultivars and do propagate plants for sale.


A full list is available in RHS Plant Finder or by email.  Please ask for a copy via











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