MonardadidymaAdamPure Red120cm




MonardadidymaBeauty of CobhamPale Pink/Burgundy calyx90 - 120cm


MonardaPunctataBlue BeebalmYellow with puple spots90 cm


MonardadidymaBlue StockingViolet Blue60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaCambridge ScarletScarlet90 - 100cm


MonardadidymaCoral ReefLight and dark Pink60cm


MonardadidymaCranberry LaceRich Magenta60cm


MonardadidymaCroftway PinkPink60cm


MonardadidymaDidymaPink and Red100 - 150cm              


MonardadidymaEarl GreyDeep Red/Crimson Bracts60 -75cm


MonardadidymaElsies LavenderRich Lavender60 cm


MonardapunctataFantasyPink with Yellow centre100 - 120cm


MonardadidymaFireballBright Carmine90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaGardenview ScarletBright Red120 - 140cm


MonardadidymaGeminiDusky Red Flowers90cm


MonardadidymaGewitterwolkeDark Red/Purple90cm


MonardadidymaHartswood WineRich Purple60cm


MonardadidymaJacob ClineFiery Red60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaKardinalPlum Red90cm




MonardadidymaLoddon CrownReddish Purple/Brown calyx120 - 150cm


MonardadidymaMahoganyRed with Pink90cm


MonardadidymaMarshalls DelightDeep Pink80 -100cm


MonardadidymaMelissaRose Pink/Purple calyx90 - 110 cm


MonardadidymaMohawkViolet with Lavender centre90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaPanoramaBright Red60 - 90cm


MonardadidymaPink LacePink tinged with Purple40cm


MonardadidymaPink SupremeCerise Pink75 - 90cm


MonardadidymaPink TourmalineRaspberry Pink90cm


MonardadidymaPiscesPink edged with dark Pink60cm


MonardadidymaPrarie NightLilac/Purple120cm


MonardadidymaRuby GlowDark Pink80cm


MonardadidymaSagittauriusDeep Carmine Red60cm


MonardaPunctataSaxon PurplePlum Purple


MonardadidymaSchneewitchenPure White90cm


MonardadidymaScorpionPurple/Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaSiouxWhite with Pink edges60cm


MonardadidymaSnow QueenWhite80cm


MonardadidymaSquawBright Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaSugar LaceLight and dark Pink60 cm


MonardadidymaVintage WineWine Red90 - 120cm


MonardadidymaViolet QueenDeep Purple90cm



 Glyn Bach Gardens  (Gerddi Glyn Bach)




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Wednesday 1st June.


After a couple of rainy days....back to the garden.

This is why its a good idea NOT to cut your lawn until mid July.


We have several small area of lawn which we have treated like meadows for the last 8 years.


This is a Greater Butterfly Orchid and it has waited all this time for the correct environment to flower. We noticed it two days ago and its scent is wonderful.


I am not a fan of imaculately tended lawns, in fact, I would like to see them dispatched to the history books.


There are lots of advantages.................


Imagine how much more interesting cricket would be if they were not allowed to mow the outfield!


We have now finished planting up the hillside garden with annuals.


This year we have used Cosmos, Tithonia, Nicotiana and Moluccela laevis. 

Freddie never strays far from Carole. If he can't find a comfy plant, he choses a high point.

The Bee beds on the top of the hill are a little late this year. This is because we struggled to water them during the hot spell. (its a really long way from the water source).

One of the perils of having a National Collection.


The red Monarda in the pot at the end of the polytunnel tropical bed was bought, as a new 'dwarf variety', from a reputable source.


It is actually over 7 feet tall (not including the pot) By far the tallest Monarda we have ever seen......where on earth would we plant it?

The Monarda exhibition beds, with the tropical bed in the background and Dahlias, interplanted with Agastache to the right.


This area will explode with colour this month.

Lots of Monardas are now in flower in the polytunnels.

The 'cow shed' is normally planted up red-white. Some years ago Carole grew some Alstromerias from seed (They were supposed to be red), At last they have flowered !!!!!!!   oops!